About me

I am mother and wife to my 2 favorite boys. I started back at couponing in May 2011 after deciding to quit my job, change my major and return to school. After rising tuition and book costs and getting no pell grants this became a necessity a way of life at least through the next 2 semesters.

I am having fun learning how to be more frugal than ever before. Kind of a game....I have X amount of money how much can I get for it. Or how low can I pay for something.

I think a lot of the change in my way of thinking was influenced by a book I read in the Spring Semester of 2011 in Children's Lit. It was set in the late 1930's and reminded me a lot of my own grandmother and what life must have been like for her and her family. 6 kids during The Great Depression must have been a heavy burden. I think of the stories my Grandmother told me and wished I would have paid more attention and asked better questions.. I wonder if she would have been proud of me. In some ways regarding somethings I know I have let her down. But in other ways I hope she is proud of me.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on my journey to live a Cheap and Cheerful Life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments. I love to hear others thoughts, ideas and experiences. So please share. Did I mention how much I LOVE comments! ha ha

Thanks again, much love,