Sunday, October 9, 2011

But it's just a dollar.....

What is your opinion of a dollar? How much value do you place on a dollar? It's just a dollar.....this is what my husband told me a few weeks back as I was waiting in customer service to get my $1 back because a coupon didnt scan. I could tell he thought it was a waste of time and wanted to go. My reply...."Yeah, it is a WHOLE $1, I do entire shopping trips with JUST $1."

So it got me thinking about how my opinion or views of something so simple as $1 have changed. I used to swing through the drive through a lot and grab a couple items off the $1 menu. I mean it seemed so cheap, right? is JUST a $1. Or grab an impluse item at the grocery store or Walmart. Again, it is JUST $1.

After starting to coupon and I could see how much "just" $1 could buy me I was floored. JUST $1 is like gold to me now. So yes dear hubs I will wait in line and wait for customer service to verify that the cashier had a coupon and didnt scan it for my $1.

I took some pictures of things that I got for $1 OR less.....You will be amazed at how far that $1 can actually stretch.

Only paid tax so .74 for 8 packets

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5lb bag of potatoes .88 (weigh these bags by the pound, I got one that was almost 6 lbs. so about 3/4 lb extra)
The educational items were 70% so just .30 ea at Target. So you could have boughten 2 possibly 3 wsith tax for just under $1!!
There are so many things you can find for under $1 with sales and coupons. Each dollar I have in my pocket or that I spend is precious and I always ask myself is this the best value for my $1. I even do it for everything down to a quarter. A few months ago I was able to get 4 bodywashes for .24 TOTAL and that was because of tax. I gave the cashier a QUARTER and got change back. Wow if it doesnt feel good to get change back from a quarter. The cashier and people behind me couldnt believe it.

Benjamin Franklin wasnt kidding when he said "A penny saved is a penny earned".

I will be doing a post in the next few weeks on things you should never pay for again!!! Who doesnt love Free stuff??!!! And yes it is actual useful things that everyone uses.


  1. I am going to be checking out your blog. I came across it because I read the one on Yahoo about living on less than 20k a year. I actually spent several hours reading his blog
    Pretty interesting stuff he has to say. I am a student, mother, and wife and live off less than 20k and all I can say is I get it except the having a child with a illness. I wish you all the luck and keep saving those pennies. Thanks for your time and hope to see some more blogs soon. Amber

  2. Amber, Welcome! What are you going to school for? I am going for Special Education.

    I will have to check out his blog. It is a cool concept if you are single and unattached. I just dont think it is very plausible for the typical American.

    My son has a brain tumor and gets regular MRI's and is blind in one eye. So it does add another element. But man tight is tight. :-)

    My family teases that I squeeze pennies and get dimes back. You just have to in this economy.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to blogging and getting to know you!