Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gift Ideas for every ocassion while still being Cheap & Cheerful!

We are definetly heading into gift giving season!! It is a season of Joy but sure can put a damper on your budget. What I have started is a gift tub or box. I plan on shopping for good gift ideas year round. Keep your eye out. Below are ideas that I got for $5 or under....Some of them are even money makers.

I have always worked on Christmas gifts year round. When I was on top of it I would have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. It really does make the Christmas season so enjoyable when you are not so stressed about still having shopping to do. And it allowed me to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas and serve others.

These pitchers were $4 after coupon and I was able to mail in for a $10 rebate.I actually made a total of $12 for these 2 gifts. They would make a great housewarming, bridal shower or wedding gift or for the student off to college.

These 2 gifts would have been 100% free (I had to pay for one photo print because the code expired) Walgreens has codes for free photo gifts a lot. And then the frames were $1.97 but I had $4 overage on another coupon at Walmart.

I scored this at for $6.04 with tax. This normally around $18 and sold out quickly. So keep your eye out, you never know when something will come up! (ok I just realized this is over $5...but just by a little)

These pans were a major score (please excuse the water in the back!) These pans were......FREE!!! They were regularly $19.99 store sale -$9.99, store coupon -$10.00 = -.01 so they adjusted the coupon...I will totally take $0.00. This again would be awesome for Christmas, Bridal shower, Wedding, college student, etc.

This is a mishmash of my sons Christmas/Birthday gifts.
Operation game Retail $16 OOP* $1
Orange Water Guns Retail $8ea OOP $2.54
Dry Erase Markers Retail $6.94 OOP $0.00 (store sale and coupon)
Toy Story Game Retail $1-2? OOP $0.00 (with overage)
Ocean Lace cards Retail $8.50 OOP $4.25 ("only" 50%)

A lot of people on the couponing site I follow have been doing gift baskets for christmas. It is cheap and easy to do when you start early and grab a few things with each sale. I recently got Febreeze air freshener for .50 each. What a great home basket idea to throw in some candles, Febreeze and some little cute hand towels. A great time to get them is after the holiday (Easter, 4th of July, etc) or the season (Spring, Winter, etc). Gift baskets are a fabulous idea for teachers. Throw in some chocolate, a nice candle or Febreeze air spray. Or Do a beauty basket, like a manicur/pedicure bucket. You can always get nail polish for free or definetly Cheap and Cheerful! There are several times through out the year that we get beauty tool coupons for like Sally Hansen. Perfect time to get nail clippers, cuticle sticks, emery boards etc.

Post your awesome Cheap & Cheerful gift ideas and how you make sure to keep on budget while still picking up gifts! 

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