Monday, October 24, 2011

Dem Bones!!!

I had to share this way cute Halloween treat idea I have seen for years now. I have always wanted to make them but just have never made it a priority.

I made them last night with my 4 yr old son. He did pretty well letting me do most the steps. He did think we would get them done in the typical 6-8 minutes that cookies take to make! ha ha They do take several hours and many recipes suggest you leave them in the oven overnight (with the oven turned off). But once they started to cook and browned nicely I was able to get a couple out so he could enjoy one.

I just googled Meringue Bones to pull up a ton of recipes but click the picture below for the recipe I used last night.

Meringue Bone Cookies Photo

I am also a big You Tube fan when looking up something new. Here is a cute video I found. She also gives you a recipe but she lists the egg whites as a cup measurement not a count of how many egg whites you need.

One more thing to remember is that you need to bring your egg whites to room temperature. So allow enough time ahead for them to warm up. I set them out before church and when we got home we were good to go! I used the recipe above (the linked photo not the You Tube video) and I got about 50 medium sized bones. Below are pictures of our efforts.

Making sure the bone foam is just right....

One of these is not like the others.....Kyle loved it when I served up his "K" bone.....

An oven full of Dem Bones!!!!

Some of them got a little loopy, short and chubby.......Just like me!

Is it time to eat them yet!!!

I finally got one.....
This would be an awesome thing to make for the Reverse Trick or Tricking. You get about 50 bones per batch so this would make a lot and be so cute on a little Halloween plate. Also, you can pile the meringue up in a little pile and make little ghosts. What a cute plate with bones, ghosts and then scatter some candy corn or something around. To see my post on Reverse Trick or Treating go here

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