Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheap & Cheerful Chicken....1.49/lb!

This is an awesome company and I have ordered chicken from them before, this will make the second time. It is boneless skinless fresh chicken and they are selling it at the incredible price of $1.49/lb in a 40lb case. This is the best chicken I have had in a long long time. And so reasonable. They also do bacon, hamburger and various fruits through out the year.

The chicken comes fresh, never frozen from the farms they buy from. It is all natural, no added hormones aftificial ingredients or additives. And it freezes great!!

Ordering is open now and they are coming to several cities in the Pheonix Metro Area. Follow the link below to be taken to their website and set up your account today!

40lbs to much? Go in with a friend or family member. Get several people together. It has been great knowing we are working on stocking our freezer with meat. If you need someone to split a case with leave a comment and I will see what I can do to help.

**Disclaimer, the link is my own personal referral link and I do get compensated for referral orders.

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