Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheap & Cheerful meat never tasted so good.....How to find your way to a full freezer of good quality meat!!

I got some great cheap and cheerful meat at Albertsons!! Albies has great sales on meat they run from time to time. They have Buy 1 get 2 free!! They also regularly have Buy 1 Get 1 free section and I found several reduced stickers on the packages. Always check your stores discount meat section. Go home and use it or freeze it! Also use Register Rewards or Catalinas for On Your Next Order (ONYO) and voila...Cheap and Cheerful Meat!!! Below is a breakdown of my meat shopping trip...

ok I got 20.5 pounds of meat for $36.89. Break down below....

Seasoned pork chops 2.08 lbs for $1.41 or .68 cents a pound (reg. 6.99/lb)
Pork Loin sirloin in bag 7.10 Lbs for $12.57 or $1.77/lb
Pork Sirloin Chops 3.14lbs for $3.90 or $1.23/lb (reg. 2.49 lb)
Beef Petite Sirloin Steak 8.14 lbs for 19.01 or $2.34/lb (reg. 6.99/lb)

My store total was $52.34 and I saved $118.15...56% savings. Bread crumbs on sale for $1, Rubbermaid on sale for 1.04 with coupon .54 each. Charmin .25 ea, postcard .25, lunch snacks for Bennett 2.50 ea. I also bought Kyle and Bennett's stocking stuffer.....but it isnt pictured (would give surprise away, but it was over 50% off). Seasonings.......2 free 5 were .30 each. Not THE best percentage wise overall but got some incredible meat for the freezer.......

Last night I cooked up the Pork Loin in a bag. It was in 4 different pieces. So I cooked 2 with a Webers Sweet & Tangy BBQ seasoning and the other 2 pieces I cooked with red/green bell peppers, onions, celery, carrots and a Weber Garlic Herb seasoning. (*Note, the weber seasonings were free) They are now packaged and in the freezer so when I am ready to make my meals the meat will already be cooked.

I would love to hear how you get Cheap & Cheerful meat!!!

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