Thursday, September 22, 2011

To write or Not to Write......

That would be the question. All I can say is with all the coupons pouring in my mailbox the answer to question is......


I try to write several companies a week. Man I should have kept track better. Below is a list of coupons I have gotten in the mail lately.

So if you could get $$ coming in your mailbox just by emailing a few sentences to different companies why wouldn't you? I would even type up a form letter to copy and paste to these companies. Then you would just need to tweak it here and there to fit the company you are emailing.

Keep in mind that not all companies will send coupons. I have gotten a range of responses from "thank you, we will pass along your comments", "Thank you, please go to our website and print your own coupons", "Thank you for the comments, please accept the coupons we will mail to you". So responses vary from company to company.

On the blog I follow she has a spreadsheet of what responses others have gotten from companies and than a separate list of companies to contact. This is the list I go off of every week.

So get out there and answer the call to write!!! Write away and watch the $$ come in your mailbox. (Yes I consider coupons $$, ha ha)

Coupons Received

Pictsweet - (2) Free Product
Eucerin - High value coupons (2) $3/1 and (2) $1/1
Bar S - (1)Free Product ($2 value)
Fresh Express Salad - (2) .50/1Coupons
Bumble Bee - (5) .25/1 coupons
Henkel - Several smaller denomination coupons for Dial, Purex & Renuzit

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