Friday, September 16, 2011

What could be more Cheap & Cheerful than not paying for more coupons? Ones you actually need?

So you are thinking of couponing or have already started. And you find that you get a whole insert but there are only a handful of actual useful coupons for your family. In the beginning I would order coupons from clipping services and/or ebay. I would still get the item for a good price but buying coupons and paying for shipping sure bite into your coupon savings.

I have found such a blessing in acquiring more coupons of items you would actually use. What is it you ask? I will tell!!!! I found a couple Facebook pages for couponing groups in my state. These pages are full of other people also looking for coupons their families would actually use. For me I dont need the pet or baby coupons. But for others these are HOT HOT coupons.

Since I have started trading coupons the only thing it costs me is a stamp and an envelope. And there is even a secret for not having to buy envelopes. You know all those pesky bills you get int he mail that have return envelopes? Well I pay 99% of my bills online now. SO I reuse those envelopes. Thank you bill company for paying for my envelopes so I can get MORE coupons. And no it isnt tacky, almost all coupons I have received in the mail the other person has reused an envelope also. It is not only good for the wallet but the environment to. So look at you, being all GREEN with the planet while keeping more GREEN in your pocket. Sounds like a win win to me.

I just searched on facebook for Arizona coupons or couponing. Also the site I follow has a huge following and there is a lot of swapping on there. And sometimes people will just send you the coupons you need and not request a trade f they dont need anything. You just need to send a SASE.

Since I decided to live of our stockpile and only buy fresh items or pay really really low prices for things I also decided I wouldnt buy dishwasher detergent. YIKES! That meant I had to find a way to get more Cascade coupons (3 or 4 trial pack free at Walmart or Target) or face the fact that I would be washing dishes!! When I am done with my coupons (that I traded for) I will do a post on wont believe what I did and I didnt have to pay for coupons or the detergent. (well just tax and stamps).

So get out there and start trading.....just like Pit if you ever played that game!! ha ha

ps I would love to hear how you make your life Cheap & Cheerful!!! Please share and when I get enough I will have to do a post featuring everyone elses idea....

Cant wait to hear from you!!

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