Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting ready for FALL......Cheap and Cheerfully!

Supposedly the rest of the world is enjoying the beginning of Fall. Here in SUNNY Arizona we didn't get the message and we have been having a warming trend. How can you get the pumpkin scented air fresheners out when you are drinking glasses of ice cold water and contemplating a dip in the pool? Those things just don't mesh. But I LOVE the Fall!!!!

So as I have been cruising through the internet highway for cute things I can do to decorate with or have fun with my son, I thought I would share come Cheap & Cheerful things I found. Hopefully you can enjoy these things in actual Fall weather!

(Click on all the pictures to be taken to the original source. It will direct you away from my blog, so right click on the picture and click open in new tab. None of these are my own ideas, I have just added suggestions in the text that I typed.)

*I actually plan on doing some of stay tuned for my follow up!! I would love to see your pictures also and will feature them in my follow up post. Just leave a comment with your email and I will contact you.

Oh my gosh!!! How cute are these? They are milk jugs, who doesn't drink milk or juice to get a gallon jug? Click on the picture to be taken to the website where I found them and directions. I can wait to see how ours turn out!

Look at these cute edible goodies.....I used to make ones for Christmas when I worked in a school. They are SO SO easy. You can have the kids dip them and when they are dry just dab a little face on them! Voila...Halloween goodness......(look for supplies at the dollar store, look for sales for either white chocolate chips or white candy bark coating, use Michaels 40% off to get white candy melts!) (This link has a TON of fun food Halloween craft ideas!!)

These are great to make with the kids. What a fun activity, take a walk or hike (if you aren't in scorching sunny AZ) and find leaves. Then come home and do this fun project. You could do smaller versions and make cards for the kids, to send to far away relatives, etc. You could also put contact paper on them and make place mats. I just love to put this kind of stuff on the walls that my son makes during the holidays.

I thought this was kind of cute and looked super Cheap and Cheerful to me! For the "vase" use a paper lunch bag. If you don't have one of those you could reuse another gift bag or small sac that would stand up. Since you are painting it anyway it would matter what it looked like. Use an empty bag from flour or sugar. You could also wrap up a square of fabric around the "vase" if you don't have paint or don't want to. Be creative and think Cheap and Cheerful! You could use greenery from outside, look for clearance flowers at the store or look for fall greenery from the store you cal find them for $1 at the dollar store but might get them for cheaper at walmart. Just remember if you use real flowers to put a small jar such as a jelly jar in the paper "vase" to hold some water. Also if you don't have or want to use rice in the bag to weigh it down and place the leaves in you could use a piece of styrofoam. You could use the styrofoam found in packaging to stick the leaves in and then a couple rocks for weight.

Keep in mind that when you have overage from coupon deals at Walmart you can use it for small things you would need for projects like this. Even search thrift stores such as Goodwill, Deseret Industries, local thrift stores. They have a craft section and I have found great deals!

Another Cheap and Cheerful idea is to get some friends together. I love the thought and idea of friends coming together and pooling their resources. Maybe one friend would have lunch bags, one would have twine, etc. If you only want to make one or two of something and have to buy a whole package of something see if friends might also be interested. What a fun girls night, or playdate for the kids. Think of ways to split the cost, everyone contribute what they can. You could come away with some great little decorations for very little and how fun would it be to make it with friends!!!

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  1. You're so clever! Way to go! I would never have thought to look at goodwill for craft stuf.f