Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to make your mailbox FUN again!!

I dont know about you but in the last 2 1/2 years the mailbox has been full of bills. Well bills for me and fun things for the hubs who ordered things from time to time, usually from Ebay. I came to loath the mail. I dealt with mail at work, I was the accounts payable clerk so of course all I got at work was bills. I would come home and all there would be was bills ranging from the regular bills we all get to all the medical bills that seemed to come at a steady flow. Eventually the majority of the medical bills got paid off. They still come but not as steadily as they did when we were in treatments.

Once I got back into couponing there is a whole world out there of free samples, coupons to be mailed, etc. One of my favorite things to get in the mail are all the coupons I trade for (see last weeks post). I love getting more coupons that I know I will actually use and need and that it only cost me a stamp. No more $3-$5 buying coupons from ebay. It might have been a good way to get more coupons but certainly not the cheapest.

So get out there and start filling your own mailbox with Cheap & Cheerful goodness!!!

Some of the free samples I have gotten have been:

Single use laundry detergent
trial size toothpaste
Trial size womens lotion
Trial size mens bodywash
Trial size mouthwash
Fun coloring books and packets for kids
Coupons from companies
Free Toilet Paper Roll cover
Certificate for a free Outback steak dinner
$5 coupon from Sprouts (facebook offer)
Free pair of straw glasses (put away for Christmas!)

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